uPVC Folding Doors

Folding uPVC Doors

Usha Fenestra System is a uPVC windows Manufacturer who also manufactures the unique folding uPVC doors that joins multiple door panels with a sliding and folding mechanism and delivers.

Tremendous flexibility for ultra-wide openings. When closed, the folding doors appear to be a wall of beautiful hinged doors.

Open the folded door and the wall virtually disappears leaving an unobstructed opening.

Benefits of Folding uPVC Doors

  • Perfect Solution For Large Openings
  • Unobstructed View
  • Heavy Duty Multi-point Locking
  • One part of the door on one end of the group can be used as a standard hinged door for easy access when only one door needs to be in use.
  • Heavy-duty multi-point locking hardware on the system brings it all together for ease of opening, folding and sliding.