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We work with clients and their architects from concept to completion to create effective solutions for both individual and roll-out identities. We are able to originate design schemes and put effective inter-disciplinary teams together or act as ‘house-doctors’ to review existing strategies. We work over all interior and exterior disciplines.

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Why uPVC ?

Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) used in frames of doors and windows is one of the most sustainable building materials. It can be used in a harsh environment as it is resistant to everyday pollutants and chemical fumes and gases.

Affordable Price

Attributing to it's insulation properties with minimal maintenence, cost-effectiveness in the long term is guaranteed.

Premium Quality

Durability of uPVC windows & doors is around 40-50 years as tested for Indian climatic conditions without any hassle.

Noise & Polution Free

 uPVC windows and doors can efficiently bring down the noise level to make your home or office space worth living.


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